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Most Useful Baby Products and the Ones I Use for My Baby

Don’t go into any baby store when you’re very pregnant. Your nesting instincts will try to persuade you to buy every cute item you’ll see, only to regret of buying them one day. You’ve been warned.

When I was pregnant with my first baby, I remember going to Baby Company to shop for baby items in preparation for my baby’s arrival. I was like that kid in a candy shop, hopping from one shelf to another, all googly-eyed seeing those cute products I thought I really needed to buy. Those cool things weren’t available when I was a kid! You could imagine my delight knowing I have now the purchasing power to get them in a bat of an eye.

Good thing my husband was with me all the time when I visited these baby stores. My urge to go into full shopping mode was restricted. In hindsight, I was glad I didn’t buy all of those baby things. I might have bought some that I ended up tripping over because they just consume too much space in the house.

Nowadays, when I enter baby stores, I always ask myself “Do I really need this for my baby?”. I also consider the longevity and durability when shopping for core baby items, “How long will my baby make use of this?”. If it’s for a short time, I leave the store empty-handed, knowing I just avoided spending copious amounts of money for an item my baby can immediately outgrow. That could have been a bad investment!

Now that I know better, I’m here to share the most useful baby products in the market and the brands that I use for my baby.

Baby Crib + Mattress

Except for the occasional awakenings in the night due to hunger or noises, my baby sleeps safely and comfortably on her cot mattress, which was specifically made to fit her wooden baby crib. I bought these two items separately because the mattress that was displayed with the baby crib costs $$$ in the baby store.

I needed a custom fit mattress for the crib, which had the size dimension of 28 x 52 inches. Yeah, that was really one big crib! What we got was the 3-in-1 Maywood Crib from Cuddlebug sold at Baby Company. It has stationary sides, not the one with the drop rails which is very dangerous for your little ones. It also has adjustable mattress height positions so the mattress can be periodically lowered as the baby gets taller.

Yeah, that’s really one big crib!

Assembling the crib was quite easy. There’s a manual that came with the product as well as some nuts and bolts to assemble it. My husband was able to assemble it all by himself, although he had a bit of a hard time getting the crib unto the second floor of the house before that because the crib is made of hardwood.

I ordered a customized Dewfoam mattress in Sun Gold Furniture store across SM City Cebu. We never minded waiting for a couple of days to pick up the mattress because we saved a lot of money from what we did.

Get this 4-in-1 Convertible Crib at eBay

Buy this now for only $149.99

Electric Steam Sterilizer

I have found that using an electric steam sterilizer is the quickest and safest way to sterilize my baby’s bottles. It’s very easy to use! I bought the Looney Tunes Multi-Purpose Rapid Steam and Sterilizer (White) in the department store, but you can also order one from Lazada.

This is what it looks like:

There are many things I love about the product. First, it’s a 5-in-1 sterilizer.

It’s multipurpose use includes:

  • Milk warming (6 mins)
  • Food warming (7 mins)
  • Sterilizing (9 mins)
  • Egg boiling (12 mins)
  • Juicer

Second, it has an automatic timer and shut-off. So I don’t have to worry about leaving my bottles in sterilization mode while I attend to other things. It automatically shuts off after 9 minutes! I’ve heard stories of expensive baby bottles melting while they’re sterilized in a stainless pot just because someone forgot to turn the stove off!

This one from Avent sterilizes in just 6 minutes with automatic shut off for speed and safety.

Baby Changing Bag

You could use a big old bag to carry around your baby products when you’re out and about. However, the beauty of getting a specifically designed baby changing bag is that it has different compartments to help you store and find specific items easily.

You could opt for this chic baby diaper bag or choose one that has colorful designs.


I love playpens! My baby can sleep and play in it. Playpens are easily collapsible and can be brought with us when we have out of town trips with my baby. I feel safe whenever I leave my baby for a while in her playpen. I don’t have to worry about her banging her head on a hard surface because playpens have usually soft and comfortable surfaces. It’s very handy now that my baby is starting to be very active as she’s learning to walk.

My baby is using the Quincy model from Giant Carrier. It doesn’t cost that much compared to the ones from Chicco or Graco, but it sure is bigger and looks more durable.

Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard Snuggle Suite LX, Abbington

A Multi-Function Highchair

I really had not planned on buying my baby a highchair for Christmas, but my husband thinks it will be very useful for baby by the time she’s learning how to feed herself and promote healthy eating habits. Besides, he wanted to have our baby sit with us around the family table. I wasn’t sure until I took a trip to the baby store and found a multi-function high chair from Babyco.

The highchair converts into a separate low chair and study table when my baby becomes a toddler. Among its features include a reclining chair, adjustable/removable feeding table, removable and easy-to-clean seat cover, removable tray for easy cleaning, harness to keep my baby seated securely, and a good, wide base for full stability.

Pf·Ebro 3-in-1 Convertible Deluxe High Chair with Play Table Conversion for 6 Month to 6 Years Children

The highchair featured above is the exact highchair that my daughter is using now.

Nuby Garden Fresh Mash N’ Feed Baby Food Prep Bowl and Food Masher

Call me lazy, but I find preparing baby’s food in this prep bowl easy. My baby loves mashed fruits and vegetables and having this around proves to be pretty convenient for my baby’s nanny. This is perfect for parents who want to make fresh baby food quickly and in their own home.You can feed your baby from the bowl or snap the lid on and store for later. Mine came with a prep bowl & a lid, a spoon, and a food masher.

Nuby Garden Fresh Mash N’ Feed Bowl with Spoon and Food Masher, Colors May Vary

Other baby products I use for my baby:

Disposable Diapers– I bought a few baby cloth diapers for my baby before, but I very rarely use them. I just find disposable diapers more convenient to use being the busy mom that I am. I alternately use Huggies and Pampers for my baby. So far, my baby has good reactions to these brands as she has not experienced any rashes while using these products.

Aveeno Baby Wash & Shampoo– My number one choice for my baby’s bath time. It gently cleanses without drying because it’s soap-free and allergy tested. It’s tear free, soap free and paraben free. Plus, it smells great!

Giggles Diaper Wipes Unscented– I’ve tried other brands, but this particular brand of diaper wipes is the best. I love the texture on this one. It’s silky soft and feels like a wash cloth. It’s also alcohol-free, which is great for baby’s sensitive skin.

Pigeon Peristaltic Plus Wide Neck Baby Bottle-My baby loves the teat on this bottle. The new Peristaltic PLUS™ Teat was designed to facilitate and promote a correct latch on, the natural peristaltic movement while sucking and an effortless and smooth swallowing of milk.

We’ve also bought other baby products that we ended up not using because our baby doesn’t like them.

Baby Bouncer- I realized she didn’t really need this!

Our baby likes her walker though, but it was given to her by her godmother. Among the things that we forego include baby carriers and strollers. My daughter hates those things, so we just carry her around when we go out, which is not that often anyway.



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