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How I Get Rid of my Acne Scars & Pimple Marks: Cheap Product for only Php 50 ($1)

I’ve got a lot of bodily insecurities, but one thing that would make me emotional is acne. Having acne scars and marks could seem like a double punishment– first I have to deal with the pimples, and then with their long-lasting after effects as a reminder.

It’s a battle I have been fighting since I graduated from college when I had my first breakouts. And a battle I have rarely and painstakingly won.

Of course, I tried a lot of products to remove my acne scars and marks, most of which often left a hole in my pocket. The price of those invasive treatments in derma clinics made me weak in the knees. Some acne scar treatments had proven their power, but only for a short while. When I was on the verge of celebrating their disappearance, they would come back with a vengeance.

Damn you, genes!

I had pimples popping here and there, but it never got to the point where they got cystic. I got lucky. Still, the search for the best acne treatment continued.

All that changed when I got pregnant and gave birth to my first child. It’s as if by some miracle, my pimples seldom show up. And when they do, only one or two would dare break out.

However, like most acne on anyone’s face, they leave behind dark marks that still affect me in many aspects. This only proved that my search for the best acne scar remover wasn’t over.

Because I now have bills to pay and a family to take care of, I searched for the most affordable pimple scar treatment in the market. Good thing a colleague of mine recommended to me a product so cheap and effective, I couldn’t believe it worked on me.

Although dark marks usually fade over time, between 3-6 months, the product that I found can lighten any pigmentation on my face for as fast as 7 days. Pimple marks completely disappear after two weeks!

Disclaimer: The product that I am about to share may or may not work for you. People have different skin sensitivities and this product might not be suitable to your skin type. Please note that this isn’t a paid product advertisement. This is based from my own experience of using the product for a long time now. If you experience any burning sensation or other side effects upon using this product, please discontinue its use immediately.

Kojie San Skin Lightening Soap | Acne Marks Remover

I never considered using Kojie San Skin Lightening Soap (Kojic Acid soap) before, but after hearing my officemate swore by its effectiveness on her acne marks I gave it a try.

Honestly, my goal isn’t to whiten my skin. You’d be surprised to know that I only use Safeguard as my soap for the rest of my body. So using the said kojic acid soap is only for the sole purpose of treating my pimple scars and marks.

It helps to know that I have an oily skin. Using Kojie San has definitely helped in controlling this oiliness.

Kojie San has been around for so many years and now I know why a lot of people rave about it not only for skin whitening, but also for getting a blemish-free skin.

You can buy this product at any leading supermarket and drugstore near you for only Php 50.00 ($1.00). The price might make you think it’s too good to be true, but it delivered the result I wanted in just a couple of weeks.

How I Use Kojie San for Treating My Acne Scars

I use Kojie San Skin Lightening Soap twice a day– in the morning and just before I retire for the night.

I make it a habit to leave it on my skin for 2-3 minutes, a bit shorter when it stings too much (yes, it stings).

Using this for a long time can sometimes be drying. This is why I make sure to use moisturizer on my face to prevent it from happening. If you have a dry skin type, this soap product and acne scar treatment may not be for you.

Since the kojic acid soap also acts as an exfoliator, it’s highly recommended to bring an umbrella or use sunscreen when going out.

How I wish I can include a ‘Before and After’ photo to prove how it worked for me, but I will do it in another time (I still have to find the photos from my acne-prone days).

There are some people who said that in the first few weeks of using the kojic soap, they started to get breakouts. Eventually, after continued use, they noticed their pimples and acne marks began disappearing. I cannot substantiate these claims though.

If you are desperate to heal your acne/pimple marks, you might want to give Kojie San a try. This pimple marks remover doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, and you might be amazed by the wonders it can bring to your skin similar to what I’ve experienced.

Have you tried Kojie San Skin Lightening soap before? Share your experience in the comments below.




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