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12 Cool Things You Can Do at Changi Airport Terminal 4

Flying out from Changi Airport Terminal 4 soon? Here are the things you can do while you wait for your flight.

Whether your flight is delayed, cancelled or you just have the habit of arriving at the airport 4 hours early, you’d be extremely lucky to get stuck at Changi Airport– Singapore’s very own international airport.

And why not? It has been repeatedly voted as the best airport in the world.

The Changi Airport Terminal 4, although the smallest of all Changi’s terminals, is also the coolest one yet. And I was there to witness and experienced it all first hand when we visited Singapore in 2018.

The 225,000 sqm terminal has a capacity for 16 million passengers at a time and boasts modern and futuristic design. There’s also the convenience of automated self-service check-ins, bag drop and immigration gates. There are currently nine airlines operating in T4: the Air Asia Group (four airlines), Cathay Pacific, Cebu Pacific, Korean Air, Spring Airlines, and Vietnam Airlines. So if you board in one of these airlines arriving or departing from Singapore, you’re sure to go through Changi International Airport Terminal 4.

Changi Airport Terminal 4 has specially curated art pieces and interactive features for all ages to enjoy while waiting for their flights. The best part is that most of these entertainment zones are free.

So if you ever find yourself stuck at Changi Airport Terminal 4 for hours, here are the things you can do while waiting for your flight:

  1. Free Cocktail and Liquor Tasting

Alcohol aficionados will love to hang out in Terminal 4 with its array of shops selling cocktails and liquor. Not only that, but you can also try their choice picks for free.

Once you pass through the immigration gates and had your security checks, you’ll stumble upon The Cocktail Bar, where you can be your own bartender. The bartenders will show you how to mix special cocktails that you can also try.

There’s also the Whiskey House where you can enjoy a free tasting of over 130 different kinds of Whiskey. Or if you prefer craft beer, you can head over to The Craft Collection, where you can try out their beer straight from the tap!

If you’re not coming out of the airport tipsy from all the free booze, then I don’t know what to make of you.

  1. Have a Cup of Free Tea

If downing a pint of beer isn’t your thing before a flight, then swing by the TWG Tea shop for a cup of tea.

You’ll be impressed by the shops splendid interior design, with 2000 of its signature tea tin cans lining up its 11-meter walls.

Get to the shop’s tea tasting counter where you can watch a demonstration of how their teas are brewed. At the end of which, you can get your free cup of their fine harvest teas.

  1. Get Free Chocolate Tasting

Travelling with your little one? You might want to drop by at The Cocoa Trees and enjoy the myriad of candies and chocolates in their carnival-themed store. If you don’t have the extra cash to purchase from the candy store, you can just enjoy the free chocolates given just by the store entrance.

  1. Immersive Wall

Think waiting in long queues is boring? Not when you are in Terminal 4’s security check line. Passengers can enjoy the immersive wall situated just above the centralized screening area. The 70m by 5m LED display showcases Singapore’s skylines and ASEAN landmarks and has a run time of 50 minutes. Based on our experience, it only took us a minute to go through security screening because of how fast and efficient the airport service was.

  1. Step into the Steel in Bloom Garden

Changi Airport is best known for their gardens, which are meticulously placed inside its terminals. Aside from the 340 species of plants and the green wall facade inside Terminal 4, there’s also the Steel in Bloom Garden. This unique garden features a six-meter high steel centerpiece, air plants, and a koi pond. It also has multi-coloured lighting that beautifully compliments the steel structure.

Location: Departure Hall, Transit Hall

  1. Peranakan Heritage Area

There is a vast area in Terminal 4 dedicated to honoring Singapore’s Peranakan heritage. Above the row of Peranakan-inspired shops, you’ll see a huge LED screen that features a six-minute mini-theater show called the ‘Peranakan Love Story’. Peranakan Love Story is a tale of two young adults, who are neighbours, set in Singapore in the 1930s. The show plays every 30 minutes.

Location: Departure Transit Hall, Level 2

  1. Play Xbox Kinect at the Entertainment Corner

Are you just bored scrolling through your smartphone while waiting for your flight? Lift up your spirits before a flight in T4’s Entertainment Corner. This zone offers a selection of games that you and your friends can participate in.

Take on friends in tennis, bowling, soccer, target shooting and more when playing the Xbox Kinect. There’s also a Virtual Pinball, retro arcade machines, and driving games to enjoy.

Location: Departure Transit Hall, Near G18

  1. Catch Some Zzzs at the Snooze Lounge

With all the long flights and sightseeing, you are sure to get extremely tired.

Which is why you might want to take a nap at T4’s free to use snooze lounge located at Departure Transit, Level 2, Transit Hall.

  1. Climb up the Chandelier

The Chandelier is a five-storey crimson red playground that features climbing nets for both the young and young-at-heart. Elegantly shaped in a double helix with a weaved tapestry steel core, the playground holds a fireman’s pole that allows players to slide down. With light features integrated, Chandelier is now Changi’s largest art installation by far.

You have to empty your pockets first from any loose items before climbing up the installation.

Location: Departure Hall, Level 1 (Near the Heritage Zone), Transit Area

  1. Power Cycle your Batteries

Charge your mobile phones by power cycling! Not only does it break the boredom from waiting for your flight, but it can also help you get fit.

  1. Watch your favorite shows

Enjoy your favorite TV shows or keep yourself updated on the latest world financial news on plush seats at Terminal 4’s TV Lounge.

Location: Departure Transit Hall, Level 2, Terminal 4

  1. Surf the Internet for Free

At Changi Airport Terminal 4, you are always going to be connected with the world through its ubiquitous internet connection.

Here are the ways you can connect to the internet at the terminal:


Enjoy free WiFi service in both the public and transit areas of Changi Airport with #WiFi@Changi. Simply follow the steps below to start surfing.

Select #WiFi@Changi.

Launch your internet browser (e.g Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer) and key in a valid website address to access the login page.

Select either “3 Hours Free WiFi access” or “24 Hours Free WiFi access”.

(Note: For 24 Hours Free WiFi access, you will require a local/ roaming number and will need to install the latest version of iChangi app. Available for iOS and Android devices only.)

Next, input the password obtained via one of the following methods:

Mobile Phone

Enter your mobile number on the WiFi login page to receive a One-Time-Password via SMS.

Key in the provided password in your internet browser to begin surfing.

*Mobile devices will need to be a local phone number or with auto-roaming services enabled.

WiFi Password Kiosk

(For 3 hours free WiFi access only, renewable upon expiry)

Simply scan your passport at these WiFi Kiosks to obtain a password.

Select ‘Via Info Counter/Kiosk’ on the login page and enter the password to begin surfing.

Our WiFi password kiosks are located strategically across the terminals and inside the gate hold rooms.

Information Counters

(For 3 hours free WiFi access only, renewable upon expiry)

Present your passport to one of our friendly Customer Service Officers to obtain the password.

Select ‘Via Info Counter/Kiosk’ on the login page and enter the password to begin surfing.

*Please note that these wonderful amenities and activities can only be found at the Departures area of Changi Airport’s Terminal 4.

With a plethora of activities and state-of-the-art facilities, you’re guaranteed to have an amazing experience at Terminal 4.



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