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10 Things I am Thankful for in 2018

“It is not happy people who are thankful. It is thankful people who are happy.”

This year, we grieved the loss of my grandmother. There were countless times I saw my mom cried, but not to the intensity that she did when her mother passed away. I was heartbroken, but I needed to be strong, at least to appear like one for her. My grandmother expressed the willingness to live on her last remaining days, and the thought of it tore my mother’s heart.

I felt the need to convey these feelings before I do my annual gratitude inventory. If there’s one thing death has taught me about life and living, it is that I should pay gratitude for the wonder and gift of my existence.

Time and time again, being grateful and mindful of what I have, no matter how small or big it may be, has always led me to a life of greater happiness. You see, when you acknowledge the goodness in your life, you may diminish negative emotions such as feelings of anger, bitterness, jealousy, and greed. You will extract the maximum possible satisfaction and enjoyment from your current circumstances.

God might have took some from me this year, but He has given me so much in return. And for that, I consider myself blessed.

Here’s a list of things I am thankful for in 2018:

  1. Life

Life, for without it, I have nothing else to be thankful for. This life that I am thankful for is full of ups and downs, but it is a precious one that even my extended family (parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, in-laws) had strived to help me live it the way I live now. Whichever road life may take me, I know I would be ready to tread on it. I’ve never felt more settled and sure of how my life is turning out.

My life may not be perfect, but I know it has wonderful chapters of struggles and victories not everybody has the opportunity to live and tell.

  1. Health

I turned 26 this year. Although I need more exercise, I feel fit as a fiddle. I am thankful that my wisdom tooth surgery had gone well and that my dentist did a good job giving me a gorgeous smile. The latter has been my greatest insecurity since time immemorial. Although minor panic attacks have once again emerged, I know my mind is stronger than my anxieties. My mind is more at ease now, having taught by my husband to live in the present more and worry less of the things that haven’t happened yet. Most of the time, the things we worry about never really happen. And as long as my family is safe and well, that’s all that matters.

  1. Happiness

I am the happiest when I am with my family. With a daughter growing up more beautiful and smarter each day and a husband whose calm presence always gives me an assurance that everything is going to be alright, my heart is full. It also gives me pleasure to know that my mom is embracing her adventurous soul (having traveled more than me) and is now building her dream home. My father has been, I believe, living a quiet and conscientious life in the province, which was what I had prayed for all those years. A dear cousin of mine also passed the Civil Engineering board exam this year, which was a cherry on top to my happiness level.

  1. Career

A lot of people ask if I have a career doing full-time freelancing work at home. With the isolation and the absence of benefits and 13th month bonuses, I really understand where these people are coming from. However, I consider my job as both a business and a career. I have more control of my time, I set my rates and how I get paid, I don’t battle the rush hour traffic, I’m less stressed and happier, and I’m able to acquire more skills in my convenience. If I’m not given a great opportunity to work abroad, I would do this freelancing thing forever in the comforts of my bedroom. Basically I’m less stressed, yet earning more. The greatest thing about it all is that I have the most wonderful, generous, kind, and understanding Aussie bosses on the planet. And for these magnificent people who treat me like family, I am most thankful and blessed.

  1. Travel

I had no idea I would ever step foot in either Singapore or Malaysia, and this year I did in both with my husband, who is now my new travel buddy. Ever since we flew outside the country together, we are now planning more trips to countries we can easily afford to travel to. We will endeavor, as with all other things, to see the world as much as we can.

  1. Home

Someday, we’ll afford our three to four-bedroom home. For now, I’m thankful that I have a roof over my head, the warmth in our humble abode, a place to sleep, a place to shower, a place to eat with my family together, clean drinking water and the means to eat whatever we want… Although we don’t live a life of sheer abundance, we are comfortable and have more than others get in a lifetime. With so many people being displaced from their homes around the world, I have so many things to be thankful for.

  1. Friendships

I may not be the type of person who vent my frustrations or share a lot of my life with my friends on a daily basis, but I sure feel giddy whenever I see them in the flesh. My friends, those who are loyal to me, have supported me throughout my education, career and various life choices. I have fate to thank for giving me the chance to bump into these people in the most opportune time of my life.

  1. Transportation

I am thankful for the car we use daily, a perfectly maintained 2003 Ford Lynx RS. She may be old, but she is rare, tough and reliable.

  1. Love

Had not for a semi-disciplinarian husband, I would have a hard time during my pregnancy. He was there all throughout, reminding me of the do’s and don’ts so I can deliver a healthy baby safely. Although that was in 2016, his guiding principles and advice still linger to this day. I also admire his penny-pinching habits, which kind of inspire me to follow them as best as I can, much to my struggle! Lastly, whenever I feel anxious or troubled, just a quick “Everything’s going to be alright” from him eases my worries. We are a stark contrast to each other (that I admit), but our differences are what make us compatible.

  1. My Followers and Blog Readers

My army of followers and blog readers may not be that many, but I appreciate each and everyone stopping by my site to read my ramblings, reviews, and how-to guides. Despite you having so much going on in your lives, you still had the time to stop by and give me a read. I really appreciate it a lot!

Before you go, don’t forget to ask yourself about the things that you are most thankful for. Always remember to practice gratitude for the many blessings that exist in your life. In turn, the universe will grant you even more happiness and inspiration to live your life to the fullest.

If you could name just one thing, that you are super duper thankful for, what would it be?



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