My Lazada Item Return and Replacement Experience

Has anyone of you experienced ordering a product from Lazada and had to return it because it wasn’t what you’re expecting or it was defective?

I did, and I found out that the whole process was actually a breeze!

Lately, I was debating whether or not to replace my mechanical computer keyboard with a gaming keyboard that has chiclet keys. Mainly because I find that I can type faster and better with this type of keys. They don’t strain my fingers that much compared to what I previously used for my online job. Plus, they’re cute and don’t make a lot of “clicky” noises with their silent switches.

Why a gaming one? Well, it doesn’t hurt to have something with cool RGB backlit keys, right?

After much deliberation and searching online, I found a well-rated chiclet keyboard on Lazada for only Php 699.00. Other keyboards of this type I found online cost as much as Php 2,000.00, which aren’t cheap for my standard. I slept on it for one night and immediately purchased it from a Lazada third-party seller the next day.

By the way, the item was an Armageddon SwfitSpectra AK-333’s Ultimate gaming keyboard. It has spectacular reviews on Lazada that sold me in. Who am I to question these reviews from techy individuals who already purchased the item?

The order was placed on 7 February 2019 and I received it 2 days later. That was fast!

I was so happy to receive it and immediately tested it as an extended keyboard to my laptop.

After typing the words, “The quick row fox jumps over the lazy dog”, I went ballistic!

The ‘B’ & ‘N’ keys didn’t work no matter how many times I pressed them. This prompted me to leave a 1-star review on the product. I hastily thought I was duped.

This time, I wasn’t lazy to report the defective item just like what I used to. I paid Php 800.00 (incl.shipping fee) for that thing. There’s no way I was going to sit around and do nothing.

I was pissed and determined to have it replaced as soon as possible. I went back to my old blog post Lazada vs Shopee and reviewed the section on how to return a defective item to Lazada and have it refunded or replaced.

  1. Following the instructions from my previous blog and Lazada’s website, I repackaged the item in its original box and placed it in a bubble wrap.
  2. Next, I logged in to my account, then chose “My Orders” under “My Account”.
  3. I clicked “Manage” above the item I ordered, and clicked “Return” to begin the return process.
  4. I filled out the order return form on the website, printed out a copy, and attached the print-out copy unto the repackaged item. If you are unable to print the return label, please make sure to write down the return number, tracking number, and order number on the pouch that you will use to return the item. Do not write anything on the original packaging of the item.
  5. I went to the nearest LBC branch where I told the man-in-charge that I was shipping back the defective item to Lazada’s warehouse and have it replaced.

Please note that returning items to Lazada is FREE. I advise that before deciding to return an item, check the item’s return policy first. Most of the time, you can return an item within 7-14 calendar days from the date the item arrived at your doorstep.

In my case, I returned the item on the same day it was delivered and LBC got it shipped to Lazada’s warehouse right away. It seemed the people at the LBC branch I went to were already accustomed to this kind of shipments to Lazada.

So here’s the timeline of the whole item return and replacement process:

9 February: Lazada sent me an email saying that they received my return request.

13 February: Lazada sent another email letting me know they received the returned item safely in their warehouse. The item would undergo an evaluation.

13 February: Lazada notified me that they placed the same order on my behalf to the keyboard seller. This meant that the seller had to send them a replacement item that Lazada could send back to me.

13 February: Another notification saying that the replacement request has been completed by the seller.

15 February: The replacement item had been shipped to their logistic partner’s hub nearest me.

16 February: The replacement item was delivered to our house.

The whole process only took 7 days, taking into account the fact that I live in Cebu. For me, Lazada’s item return and replacement/refund program is pretty satisfactory. I was happy how it all went.

I read a lot of complaints and horror stories about their return program in the past, but I believe the Philippine online shopping giant has greatly improved its processes and found ways to make online shopping pleasurable for its customers.

As for the replacement product given to me?

Yes, the reviews are true. It’s definitely the keyboard I was expecting for its price. It has soft and silent chiclet keys, perfect when I’m typing at night and all the other people in the room are sleeping.


I didn’t regret leaving the 1-star review though. It’s not fair that they sent me a defective item in the first place. Next time, they should at least check the quality and performance of their products before sending them to their customers.

However, I do commend the seller for their fast response to my chat message and for getting the defective item replaced fast with a new, functional one.

I couldn’t delete the 1-star review, but I sure left a 5-star one after receiving the replacement item.

How about you? How did your Lazada Item Return and Replacement/ Refund process go?

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