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WATCH: Is the New L’Oreal Infallible Full Wear Concealer Worth the Hype?

The L’Oreal Infallible makeup line truly lives up to its name: infallible, meaning never failing; always effective. It’s no wonder that the beauty giant’s impeccable formula is such a hit in a tropical country like the Philippines.

Before stumbling upon one of their holy grail products, I was actually in search for a concealer that can meticulously hide my breakouts and acne marks without breaking the bank. Thank God, I found the L’Oreal Infallible Full Wear Concealer on Lazada. YouTubers like Anne Clutz, Anna Cay, and our very own Cebuana Beauty vlogger Chinkytita have sworn by the Infallible concealer’s performance. This piqued my interest into overdrive. I had to get my hands on the product and try it out myself.

The L’Oreal Infallible Full Wear Concealer (₱400, LazMall) promises 3x full coverage that can last for 24 hours. It’s L’oreal Paris’ highest coverage concealer. You can even make it as a foundation itself or as a matte highlighter and contour. In the Philippines, it’s available in 10 skin-perfect shades.

L'Oreal Infallible Full Wear Concealer Shades

Trying out the L’oreal Infallible Full Wear Concealer

Compared to other concealers that I already tried in the past, I was actually surprised by how big the concealer’s packaging was. Beauty vloggers claim it’s pretty similar to Tarte Shape Tape Concealer, which I have never used by the way. The concealer comes in 1 supersized applicator, which I appreciate because this makes the application faster and easier.

I would have wanted to order the shade (308) Vanilla, but it was out of stock. So I was stuck to getting the closest shade for my light-medium complexion that is (309) Natural Rose. I never regretted the choice though; it was a match made in heaven.

Testing the Concealer Coverage

I don’t get bad breakouts that often, but lately my chin area is experiencing a mild one. I thought it was the best time to test out the performance of the Infallible concealer.

Here are some photos of my semi-bare face (sans the foundation, powder or concealer):

Please note though that before applying the concealer, I already moisturized my skin and applied a little bit of eye makeup. I skipped the foundation and went straight ahead to trying out the concealer to see its coverage and how well it would cover my acne marks and blemishes.

Before applying the concealer on my face.

Since it’s a VERY full coverage concealer, you would be very surprised how light this concealer feels to the skin. However, it’s easily blendable and doesn’t dry up fast so I still have the time to blend and cover areas that needed to be taken care of. 

Just make sure that you use a light hand when applying the product to your face as it’s extremely easy to overdo the application. 

girl applying concealer
Full video below.

L’oreal Infallible Full Wear Concealer is perfect for those who have oily skin as it would last mostly throughout the day.

Here’s how I look after the application:

As you can see, it has a matte finish. It looks pretty, right? I no longer need to put a foundation on if I wish to. I can rock this look on days when I feel lazy putting on a full-face makeup.

The photo above clearly shows just how much you can get from this product alone. I admit I might have overdone it and put on a bit more concealer, but the outcome still didn’t disappoint.

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Adding the L’Oreal Infallible 24-HR Freshwear Foundation

I could have stopped after my Infallible concealer wear test. A lipstick and a blush on would have finished the look. However, I needed to know how I would look if I combine the L’oreal Infallible 24-HR Freshwear Foundation with the concealer.

Here’s the packaging of L’Oreal Infallible 24-HR Freshwear Foundation in (125) Natural Rose shown before the application:

girl holding liquid foundation

Quick info about the said foundation, which I also love wearing because of its breathable and lightweight formula: 

  • Up to 24 Hour Fresh Staying Power
  • Long lasting foundation with their most lightweight, breathable texture
  • Waterproof, transfer-resistant and sweat-resistant foundation
  • Medium-to-full buildable coverage foundation, natural finish

The formula is thin and liquidy. It has medium to full coverage with a velvety matte finish. After a few hours, it breaks up a bit on my nose though. 

Here’s how I look after applying the foundation on top of my concealer:

girl holding lipstick
Finishing off my look with the L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Gloss in (314) Nude Allude.

Is the L’Oreal Infallible Full Wear Concealer worth the hype?

A resounding yes! The concealer is a holy grail. You’ll have a hard time finding a drugstore product that performs this well and offers full coverage. 

I can’t say that it lasts 24 hours like what L’Oreal promises. I don’t wear makeup that long. But I can assure you that it can offer a solid coverage of up to 8 hours.

This is a must-try concealer that you can easily find anywhere and an affordable one to boot. Within its price range, I couldn’t ask for more.

Watch the video below to see the Review of My Mini L’Oreal Infallible Makeup Haul. Plays in 1080p HD.

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