Cebu, Philippines

I am Nikkah Sanchez and I live to share, inspire, and inform.

I am a loving wife to Angelo Sanchez, an award-winning Cebu Wedding Photographer, and mom to daughter Margaery Prym.

When I was 7 years old, I fell in love with writing. Let’s say it was my first love and it was the only love that didn’t break my heart.

Now I’m on a mission to weave words with a purpose and I do it all through the creation of Southside Belle, where I scribble the randomness of my thoughts, honest-to-goodness reviews, life hacks, beauty tips, and travels.

Everything I personally encounter is a story to tell.

Southside Belle is the summation of my encounters, whether it’s a great discovery I found shopping, a mommy hack that flicked like a light bulb in my head, an awesome place I stumbled upon or even an epic TV series I happened to click on Netflix.

I’ve extended my online presence on YouTube as well. Watch my attempts at vlogging by clicking the button below and subscribing to my YouTube Channel.