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What is SUCCESS?

The issue of how the majority interprets success still compels me to speak up for what it truly is. They say you only experience success when you’re at the top, above everyone else you left behind in the race to reaching the summit. That is fairly true, but the core of the message is often left misunderstood.

Most believe that being at the top means you have gained a whole lot of fame and fortune, of material possessions people only wish they could have. However, that is not how I perceive success! Certainly, not the shallow kind of it.

For me, success is how you make it. It really depends on how each of us describes our own success. For most, it’s the success that gives them the feeling of contentment and sheer happiness.

Well, if you perceive your own success as the first multimillionaire in your town, why not? If you’re happy to make the journey, seize it. But I tell you, your own perspective of success will not be the same for others all the time.

Some see success as accomplishing feats they thought were way impossible, of creating something that other people are happy to see about, of choosing the path their hearts desire to tread on, and or changing the way people treat the world for the better.

Do things because you want to, not because you have to. There is nothing more torturous than submitting yourself into a world you don’t want to see yourself thriving. It’s the worse thing that you could do for yourself. It’s not surprising that failure to meet other people’s expectations often leads to depression, and that depression itself leads to suicidal thoughts. So as early as now, recognise your purpose and know what kind of life you want to lead without the outside pressure. Stop making promises to people of becoming someone you actually don’t want to morph into.

We know well enough what makes each of us happy, and yet most of us sacrifice our own version of happiness to mesh with what others want us to become. If you want to truly live your life, take the lead and pursue your passions in order to catapult your dreams into realities.

It won’t be that easy. But remember to seek your motivation deep within you and you will realize that everything is possible. It may not come today as you have hoped, but your burning zeal will put a deep mark that others will start to take notice of it. This surely will pave the way into finally actualizing your dreams.





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