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Learning to Ignore the Things that Bother You is a Key to Happiness

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“Sometimes it’s better to react with no reaction.”

This year, I have learned that not everything that annoys me warrants a reaction. That I don’t have to hit back at the people who hurt me. That walking away is better than getting even.

It has taken a while and there were so many instances that I let the little things get the best of me. These instances drained my time and energy. I used to overthink and let these things consume me. 

When something bothers, offends, or annoys me, it was as though someone had flipped a switch that activated the side of me that I myself despised. That version of me spewed hateful rhetoric; it clouded my vision, preventing me to see the good things in life.

With more people expressing their freedom of speech on social media, there are a lot of things being published that could trigger anyone. One comment could get under your skin. And if you are someone who overthinks, this could drive you mad. Social media also plays host to futile debates that can harm real-life relationships. The moment you reciprocate the negativity, you are going to hurt yourself more by inviting more drama and negativity in your life.

Social media has become toxic. It has become unhealthy and a place teeming with bad vibes, in which I was aware of becoming. 

When I realized that the hate growing inside my heart upon reading something that didn’t sit well with me became unbearable, I paused and went on a reflection.

I realized I was tired of fighting for something that was not even worth my time and energy. Reacting to almost anything drained me and turned me into someone I didn’t want to associate myself with. It affected my mental health and I didn’t like the feeling that’s weighing me down as I navigate adulthood’s tricky pathways.

I have accepted the fact that people will always have negative things to say about me, and that’s okay. I’m learning that I don’t have to try so hard to please everyone. It just takes too much time and energy. I would rather spend that amount thinking of ways to improve the lives of my family. 


If you don’t like me, the “Unfriend” or “Unfollow” button is always available at your fingertips. And I could do the same to anyone who I think is being toxic, whether they know it or not.

These days, when I see something that would have bothered me in the past, I just scroll down past that negativity and not react to it one bit. Not reacting to things doesn’t mean I’m okay with them, it simply means I’m choosing to rise above it all.

I do not need more drama. I do not need unnecessary arguments, fights, and fake connections.

Reacting only gives somebody else power over you. Do you want that annoying person to occupy your precious mind rent- free just because of something they said that pissed you off? Is that person even worth the space in your head?

Learn that even when you react, it won’t change the other person’s behavior. You might event trigger the worse in them that could make things spiral out of control. Reacting doesn’t make them respect you instantly; they might hate you more.

So I choose to control what I only can, such as my words, actions, and reactions. Now, whatever that annoys me, I choose to let it go.  Swipe, swipe, scroll, scroll. I tell that person in my head, “You are not worth my time. Your opinion is inconsequential to me in the grand scheme of things”

If you feel yourself reacting, step away and choose to control yourself. Take a deep breath and stay calm. Learn that you are the master of your emotions.

The best thing to learn is mindfulness.  

Mindfulness means we watch ourselves when something happens that might normally upset or trigger some kind of emotional reaction. When you pay close attention to how your mind reacts to something, you will have enough time to rationalize things and let any irrational reaction go away.



Let go.

Be the bigger, better person. Choose peace of mind over being right all the time.

Remember David Guetta’s hit song Titanium? Let those bullets (annoying things) ricochet. Here’s an excerpt from the song:

You shout it out

But I can’t hear a word you say

I’m talking loud not saying much

I’m criticized but all your bullets ricochet

You shoot me down, but I get up

Learn to be a stone-hard, bulletproof glass. Don’t let words get into you. Sweating the small stuff will only drain you mentally and emotionally. 

Turn a blind eye. 

Ignore. Ignore. Ignore.

Instead of letting someone invade your space and drive you crazy, learn to let things go.

These days, you will seldom find me reacting to silly things. I have my social media poker face on.




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