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Pond’s White Beauty BB+CC Cream Review: Is it Effective?

The Pond’s White Beauty BB+CC cream mixes the benefits of skincare with color cosmetics. At least, this is what Pond’s advertises online. Moreover, the company touts it as the first ever liquid foundation that covers, nourishes and combines special benefits from BB+CC in one.

But does this cream really live up to its name?

I don’t think I have ever seen a commercial for this product anywhere, but when I saw it on Lazada for P249 (25g) I didn’t have second thoughts of purchasing it.

Who doesn’t want to have a foundation with the BBs and CCs in one tube? I thought the Pond’s White Beauty BB+ CC cream would be perfect to use for my everyday look. I expected it to make a huge difference in my beauty routine.

So what’s the difference between a BB and CC cream anyway?

BB stands for Blemish Balm. Hence, it helps cover dark spots, acne marks, sun spots, and dullness. BB creams in the market are likened to tinted moisturizers. They make your face look matte, dewy and luminous. They can also double up as a moisturizer and foundation.

CC stands for Color Correction. It helps naturally brighten and even-out skin tone. It also conceals redness. So if you are after a lightweight concealer, CC Creams might just be for you.

The Pond’s White Beauty BB+CC cream comes in two shades: light and beige. I thought the shade beige would look good on me, so that’s the one I ordered online.

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Testing the Pond’s White Beauty BB+CC Cream

When I squeezed out the product from its tube, I found out that the shade beige had a very heavy yellow undertone. The shade was a tad darker for my light to medium facial skin tone! I realized there and then that the shade light probably would have looked better on me.

My advice is for you to squeeze out a tiny amount of the product for your whole face. The BB+CC cream has a creamy texture, but the formula is very lightweight, you won’t even feel the product on your face. It blends really well on your face and dries in a few minutes.

Here’s how I look after applying the product on my face:

Pond’s White Beauty BB+CC Cream instantly brightened my skin after application. Its semi-matte finish is light-reflecting so I looked fresh and dewy at the same time. I was awestruck by how radiant my skin looked. 


There are things I didn’t like about the product. Although it concealed the redness on my face quite effectively, it didn’t really conceal my skin’s imperfections. I can still see my blemishes and recent acne marks peeking through, especially on my chin area. They are slightly muted; nevertheless, you can really point them out no matter how much product you put on.

If you are looking for a BB cream that can offer a medium to full coverage, this product might not be for you.

I might have also encountered a little allergic reaction to the cream. My face itched a few minutes after application!

Here’s a little summary of the product:


  • Feels light on the face
  • Non-sticky
  • Brightens up the skin
  • Has SPF 30 PA++ for sun protection
  • Has mild scent
  • Easy to blend


  • Doesn’t conceal imperfections very well
  • Only lasts up to 3 hours
  • Limited shade range

The Verdict

Overall, I don’t think the Pond’s White Beauty BB+CC Cream is considered a foundation as opposed to what Pond’s would like us to think. You could use it as a substitute for primer though if you run out of one. 

If you’re looking for a good and affordable BB cream, I recommend this one. However, if you react to Pond’s products that often, just skip this one. I admit my skin looked radiant, but I didn’t like how my skin reacted to this product after a few minutes. Therefore, I don’t think this would be my go-to foundation for my everyday makeup look.

My advice: tread with caution when using this product. This may work for some, but may not work for you.

The Pond’s White Beauty BB+CC Cream is available on LazMall for only P249.

How about you? Have you used this BB+CC cream yet? Share your experience!

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